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June 23, 2018

The Hannover Veterinary Hospital, Bermuda. 1982 - 2006

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The Hannover Veterinary Hospital, Bermuda. 1982 - 2006

After many years of consistant and sometimes very challenging veterinary service to the community - in fact well over a quarter of a century - the Hannover Veterinary Hospital premise at 68 North Street was sold to new owners in 2007.
The new owners have kindly continued in the tradition of supporting animal welfare, and the premise is now leased to the Bermuda Feline Assistance Bureau, BFAB.
The specific aim of the BFAB charity is, using only humane methods, to trap neuter and re-release feral cats. Their goal is to reduce the feral and semi-feral cat population to a healthy, robust, much smaller and useful one.
On a small island like Bermuda, the trap-neuter-re-release strategy is the most effective and scientifically sound method of feral population control.
Healthy cats are still the most environmentally friendly, safe and effective way to reduce the rodent population, and keep it small. In this way, when the balance of natural population control is restored, poisons can be withdrawn from use, and no longer contaminate the food chain.
POISONS ALWAYS DO COLLATERAL DAMAGE AND ALWAYS PENETRATE THE FOOD CHAIN....So if you wish to do our island home a favour, please support BFAB in any way you can. Their contact numbers are available in the local telephone book.
A. M. Ware M.R.C.V.S.

Continuation of Veterinary Service
Dr.J.K. Cieters and Dr. A. M. Ware continue to provide a veterinary service to Bermuda, however in a changed format:
This is a means of allowing Bermuda clients to access Dr. Cieters' and Dr. Ware's long veterinary experience.It is not a day-to-day service, and is by appointment only.
For further contact details please consult the Bermuda Telephone Directory - Yellow Pages 2010/2011 - under Veterinarians.
Alternatively, e-mail all enquiries regarding the Hannover Veterinary Service (H.V.S.) to